Bodyscaping – A New Love

As I am in the process of building up my portfolio I decided I really needed to find a way to create variety in my portfolio. The problem I had was that I wasn’t really sure how. I had seen and still see numerous photos that make me go ‘wow’, and it’s those photos I aspire to be taking. The highly artistic type that appear to have had an entire team to put together, from stylists to MUAs and Hasselblad medium format cameras.

But there was a way…

I found I could express a type of artistic creativity without the requirement of fancy makeup and Hollywood photographic equipment. And that artform is known as bodyscaping.


The shot above was one of my first attempts at bodyscaping. I was generally pretty happy with it, but it somehow felt a little one dimensional. The light feels harsh, but I like the shadows that are cast from the back muscles and shoulder blades. But something is missing…

I went to the forums and complained about why I wasn’t completely happy with it. I said I did with and without a softbox, high and low, close and far…

The a kind soul gave me a tip…

Use 2 lights, key and fill and opposing angles. Really? That simple? Well so I had a go, and here is what happend:


Well it’s a lot damn closer, but before I got this I was playing around with talc and oils and various other household bits to see how it affected the light. I’m pretty pleased with the outcome, the light moves round the ‘canvas’ really nicely, but if anything I feel the light to be a little harsh.

Anyhow, I kept on. And I finally got my break. A mature female bodybuilder, and what an opportunity for bodyscaping if any. I took what I had learned and gave it my best.

This is my masterpiece:

Muscular Torso

A simple 2 light set up and a little bit of oil.


If you would like to explore having a bodyscape done, then please don’t hestitate to get in contact by sending me a message!

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