Dance Photography – More Than Just Portraits

So if you follow my Instagram, which you totally should btw, you might notice I have ventured into dance photography. I had my usual portrait shoot with a lad called Jaxson, he was actually a pretty cool dude, but it was really just a standard portrait shoot, modelling various pieces of fashion and streetwear that related to his interest – street dance.

But I had something else in mind. So, that day, I packed my new bag with as much as I could. A tripod, TTL speedlite, Octabox and my beloved 50mm lens (remember I use a crop sensor), and hopped on the train.

I knew he was a talented street dancer, and seized the opportunity to make the most of this opportunity. I had been looking at the work of other dance photographers and it looked really exciting. The challenge of freezing an awesome post – I just had to try it.

I had a general idea of how I was going to start it, I knew I needed a fast shutter speed. At least 1/500 (that’s actually only just fast enough, some say to use 1/1000). I knew I would need a flash to provide enough light, but one that could sync at high shutter speeds. I also wanted a shallow depth of field, because for some reason I love that. I think it focuses the composition better, perhaps. And I also wanted that really low ground level perspective, which I find lends itself to equal proportioning.

dance photograph

Not a bad first attempt don’t you think?

I say first attempt, that was about 10 shots in, but I got what I wanted. After seeing that I had pretty much achieved what I wanted, albeit only at my level of skill, so I was excited. I needed more.

dance photography

I was glad it was working out, because this is an area I’d really like to explore as it’s just so much more exciting.

My next goal is to use flour, and 2 high speed TTL flashes, and whack the shutter right up to 1/1000, or even 1/2000!?

If you have any tips to share, then feel free to ping me a message, or to find out more about me and where I am, take a look here.

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