How Important Is It To Have A Niche In Photography?

If you’re into photography in a serious way, you might find that you get asked what type of photography you do. It never seems the right thing to just say, “well I just kinda take pictures of anything and everything”, a bit like when people say they like ‘all music’ – it just comes across as flimsy low-effort explanation. Problem is, that it could actually be the truth, and I like to consider that I take my work rather seriously.

I actually do enjoy photographing lots of different things, and I take pride it making the result good, and something I want to share. The key component in the whole photography mechanism is my camera. The relationship I create between myself, the camera and the subject is what interests me. This relationship is what drives my results, and although I am serious about it, I am still only a ‘hobbyist’.

The image below is one such time when I have managed to align these 3 things to create something I feel tells story.


A portrait in its most simplest expression. It’s edgy and it’s moody, and that suits the environment. An urban portrait, that many young urban teens could probably relate to.

I don’t class myself a portrait photographer, but it is something I enjoy doing.

But then, I also enjoy doing landscapes, it’s something you can do by yourself and it’s actually quite therapeutic.

car lights sky

You often see scapes a lot like this, but the exposure of a vehicle going past I thought added a unique element to this image, that again meant that the 3 elements align. Me, my camera, and the subject.

But, I’m not really a landscape photographer either, I just enjoy doing them.

Then we come onto the rather interesting topic of bodyscaping. I have only done this a couple of times, and it’s a lot more simpler than it looks. The below image is of a female bodybuilder that wanted to show off her definition.

Muscular Torso

Definitely very interesting and very different.

But I’m not really a bodyscape artist either, but it’s a great way to learn lighting.

So, we go back to the question of ‘how important it is to have a niche in photography?’

The answer for me is it depends on who you’re talking/selling to. I’m wondering if I might find that other photographers, although specialised, actually enjoy taking photos of lots of different things in equal measures, but their business is specialised.

And maybe that’s the difference, when you throw business into the mix you may have no option other than to cast yourself as a certain something, in order to establish credibility in that field.

If anyone looking to hire me asks, then yes, I am a portrait photographer, but to those who are just interested in photography, then I enjoy and practice a little bit of everything.

If you like my work and would like to work or collaborate with me, then don’t hesitate to get in contact.


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